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Friday 411 – Your Job & Your Heart

The Science Behind What Motivates Us To Get Up For Work Every Day
Walter Chen, Lifehacker
Feelings provide important feedback during our workday. It doesn’t make sense to pretend that it’s best or even possible to keep our emotions and work separate, treating our capacity for emotion and thought as weakness. Walter Chen, co-founder of iDoneThis, looks into how does our brain deals with emotion and connects it to practical results like motivation and productivity.

10 Minutes is All Employers Need to Evaluate Job Candidates
Chad Brooks, TMN / CNBC
Job interviews aren’t much different from speed dating, a new survey suggests. A survey by online job search website Accountemps reveals that during interviews, 60 percent of human resources managers form a positive or negative opinion of job candidates in 10 minutes or less.

Search with Style: 3 Ways To Improve Communication in a Job Hunt
Hannah Morgan, US News and World Report
Communication is a critical component of job search. In general, job seekers have difficulty talking about themselves. Besides being too humble, it is difficult for them to say what they really mean. Perhaps nerves get in the way or maybe it stems from lack of self-esteem or lack of experience. These three fixes will help you better convey your message during networking conversations, interviews, and on resumes.

5 Secrets You Need to Know Before Your Next Job Interview
Vivian Gian, Business Insider
You’ve submitted a resume that caught their attention and now you just need to ace that interview. How do you do it? Besides doing some research on the company, dressing your best and compiling possible questions to ask the interviewer, former headhunter Martin Yate says there’s five secrets to presenting yourself as the perfect candidate for “any job, at any level and in every profession.”

Have a Job? You Could Be The Answer To The Chicago Teacher’s Strike.
Danny Rubin, Huffington Post
Here’s the deal: teachers say it’s not fair to be punished for poor student test scores. They argue students are impacted by their home life, poverty and other factors — even a student skipping breakfast the day of an evaluation — and that teachers do the best they can despite the obstacles. But there is a way to combine testing and real-life skills right now and maybe even lessen the pressure on America’s teachers.

How Your Job Could hurt Your Heart
Scott Hensley, NPR
Stress on the job may raise your risk of a heart attack. European researchers came to that conclusion after looking at the experience of nearly 200,000 people who took part in 13 different studies. The scientists found that people with stressful jobs had a 23 percent higher risk of heart attack than those whose jobs weren’t pressure cookers.

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