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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Job Seekers

‘Tis the Season…to Find a Job It’s that time of year. Children are writing letters to Santa. Adults are giving…

Pamela Skillings

For Veteran's Day, Let's Get More Vets Back to Work

Today, just a week before Veteran's Day, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that October's unemployment rate for Iraq and…

Pamela Skillings

Job Interview Nightmares -- Mommy Says You Should Hire Me

Job Interview Nightmare #1: Your mommy intercedes on your behalf. This clip from Everybody Loves Raymond is comedy, obviously, but…

Pamela Skillings

7 Tips for Turning Your Internship into a Job

Your New Internship: An Extended and Intensive Job Interview One of the first things your supervisor tells you when you…

Pamela Skillings

How to Explain Being Fired (on an interview)

Getting fired can happen to anyone. People are fired due to performance issues and failure to meet their manager’s expectations…

Pamela Skillings

How to Find a Recruiter

The internet has made it easier to search for a job, but harder to land a position. When you apply…

Pamela Skillings

The Art of Job Interview Dressing

On a job interview, your attire choices can mean the difference between a great first impression and a negative one.…

Pamela Skillings