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11 Classic Interview Mistakes - and How to Recover

You've done your research on the company, rehearsed your elevator pitch, dry-cleaned your best suit and printed a fresh copy…

Melissa Rudy

Face the Fear: How to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety

You've got a big job interview coming up. This could be it! Your one shot at the perfect job. Feeling…

Pamela Skillings

Free Job Search Help for Veterans

Yesterday was Veterans Day. Americans across the country honored vets with parades and other events. Parades are nice, but there…

Pamela Skillings

Top 7 Job Ideas for Barack Obama

[EDIT: Now we'll have to wait four years to use this post again - LOL] As a follow-up to our…

Pamela Skillings

Top 7 Job Ideas for Mitt Romney

[EDIT: The race is over. We can now go back to our normally scheduled lives.] The battle for President of…

Pamela Skillings

The Top U.S. Cities for Finding a Job

Thinking about moving to find a great job? If the employment opportunities in your city are few and far between…

Pamela Skillings

Job Hopping - DOs and DON'Ts

Some might say job hopping, the practice of changing jobs frequently in a short period of time, is career suicide.…

Pamela Skillings

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Job Seekers

‘Tis the Season…to Find a Job It’s that time of year. Children are writing letters to Santa. Adults are giving…

Pamela Skillings

For Veteran's Day, Let's Get More Vets Back to Work

Today, just a week before Veteran's Day, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that October's unemployment rate for Iraq and…

Pamela Skillings