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How to Explain Gaps in Employment

As if job hunting wasn’t hard enough already, sometimes unexpected life changes can complicate the process even further. Introduction to…

Alia Hollback

How to Write an Interview Thank You Email

There are many components of a successful job interview, including thorough preparation, confident body language, professional presentation, and clear articulation…

Alia Hollback

How To Write A Cover Letter

Do you know how to write a cover letter that wins interviews? Your cover letter is the first thing employers…

Alia Hollback

Career Change Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Navigating Your Next Step

In our coaching business at Skillful Communications, we work with people in all sorts of industries (and age groups) who…

Alia Hollback

Interview - Kwame Christian | Negotiation Coach & Former Business Lawyer

Today's guest: Kwame Christian, former business attorney, negotiation consultant, and founder of the American Negotiation Institute. He is also the…

Pamela Skillings

Interview - Chris Voss | FBI Hostage Negotiator

Interview with Chris Voss, former FBI Lead International Hostage Negotiator. Have you ever wondered what techniques a top FBI hostage…

Pamela Skillings

6 Tricks to Make Over Your Resume... Fast

Is your career as exciting and fulfilling as it could be? If not, our resident resume expert has some great…

Niya Allen

How to Ask for a Raise (and actually get it)

When you accepted your job, you may have been happy with—or at least satisfied by—the salary that came with it.…

Melissa Rudy

Interview Strategies for Introverts

Finding the best jobs for introverts isn't an easy proposition, which is why the interview process can be such a…

Baruh Benjamins