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Interview Strategies for Introverts

Finding the best jobs for introverts isn't an easy proposition, which is why the interview process can be such a…

Baruh Benjamins

Recruiters Reveal: Top 10 Reasons You Didn't Get the Job

You may be familiar with some of these issues – others may surprise you because very few interviewers are willing…

Melisa Balestri-Eassey

How to Find Great Startup Jobs

Your Super-Sized Guide to Landing a Cool Job at a Hot Startup We’ve seen a trend with our Big Interview…

Elizabeth Magill

How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

Compared with social media job search heavyweights like LinkedIn, Twitter often flies under the radar as a tool for job…

Pamela Skillings

25 Great College Graduation Gift Ideas

Looking for some great college graduation gift ideas? If only you could buy the kid a job! The next best…

Pamela Skillings

4 Critical Steps for Using LinkedIn to Land a Job

LinkedIn, with its more than 259 million users, is the most popular social network for professionals today. According to LinkedIn,…

Pamela Skillings

How to Write a Damn Good LinkedIn Profile

This is the first in our new series on harnessing the power of LinkedIn for your job search. In this…

Pamela Skillings

Face the Fear: How to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety

You've got a big job interview coming up. This could be it! Your one shot at the perfect job. Feeling…

Pamela Skillings

10 Ways to Determine If A Craigslist Job Posting is Legitimate

Craigslist can be a great resource for job seekers. You can find listings for a wide variety of legitimate opportunities…

Pamela Skillings