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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Job Seekers

‘Tis the Season…to Find a Job It’s that time of year. Children are writing letters to Santa. Adults are giving…

Pamela Skillings

5 Hilarious Job Interview Sketches from Saturday Night Live

Job interviews can be pretty funny -- at least when you're watching them on Saturday Night Live and not sweating…

Pamela Skillings

Don’t Be a Job Interview Know-It-All

When Impressing Becomes Distressing Let me introduce you to Noah Tawl. He seems to have everything you’d want in a…

Wes Skillings

Yes, You CAN Find a New Job During the Holiday Season

Don't buy into the myth that nobody is hiring during the holidays. You CAN find a new job during the…

Pamela Skillings

HOW TO ANSWER: What are your weaknesses?

Bad job interview advice is everywhere and you've probably heard this one: NEVER admit to a weakness, just find a…

Pamela Skillings

For Veteran's Day, Let's Get More Vets Back to Work

Today, just a week before Veteran's Day, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that October's unemployment rate for Iraq and…

Pamela Skillings

Job Interview Nightmares -- Mommy Says You Should Hire Me

Job Interview Nightmare #1: Your mommy intercedes on your behalf. This clip from Everybody Loves Raymond is comedy, obviously, but…

Pamela Skillings

Job Interview Thank You Notes 101

Overview - Job Interview Thank You Notes: After every job interview, it's critical to follow up with a thank you…

Pamela Skillings

How to Handle Weird Interview Questions

If you get called in for a job interview at soap company Method, you'll likely be asked about how you…

Pamela Skillings