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Our tested step-by-step training platform enables you to seize control and learn exactly what hiring managers are asking, sell yourself as a star candidate, make your nerves and anxiety disappear, and interview and negotiate so you’re paid what you’re worth.

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Stop the Failure. Start the Job Offers.

  • Are your interviewing skills holding you back from getting the career you've been dreaming of?
  • Are you ready to go beyond random “interview tips” online and learn a system that will win you the killer job and salary you deserve?
  • Do you need to stand above the competition and get the insider knowledge that will make you shine as a top candidate?
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Even if you only have a day to prepare

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Even if the position you want is ultra-competitive

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Even if you can’t win an initial phone interview

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“Hi, I’m Pamela Skillings. I’m an interview coach, career counselor, and bestselling author.”

I’ve been featured in Forbes, ABC News, and CNN, written for the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal even called me “a guru in the world of job interviews.”

A few years ago, I started Big Interview to bring the same training and tools that I give to my elite clients during one-on-one coaching, to a larger group of achievers. Forbes calls it “one of the best websites for your career”.

What I’ve learned over decades of coaching individual clients and teaching hiring managers how to screen candidates is that there is a system for giving a winning interview . There’s a way to take away all the ambiguity, the well-intentioned but incorrect advice from family and friends, the nerves, and instead concisely present yourself in a way that “pushes all the right buttons” for a hiring manager.

But try googling “job interview advice” and see if you find anything that matches up.

You’d probably find anecdotes about humorous answers to “trick” questions (try at your own peril), reminders to bring a resume, and questions to ask on the day of your interview, or a list of common job interview questions.

But you won’t find the hands-on practice tools we’ve developed and tested with hundreds of thousands of users to help them confidently win their job interviews.

Pamela Skillings

Candidate Success Stories

Read about how Big Interview has helped our users gain confidence and land the job.

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MorganBusiness Consulting

“I would definitely recommend your product to ANYONE seriously looking for a job. I used it before every big interview that I had and doing so made me so much more confident going into the interview. Superb.”

ElaineHuman Resources

I got the job! I accepted their offer last week. I went through two rounds of interviews and prepared a technical paper before being selected. I can say unequivocally that I would not have even made it past the first round without the assistance of this program. It’s an amazing product and I thank you guys for creating it. I definitely felt like I would have an edge above someone who did not use this tool to prepare.”

After you’ve spent hours clicking into the depths of LinkedIn job postings, stalking the Careers page of your dream company, sending out hundreds of resumes (and maybe even throwing in some intense voodoo for good measure), the next step standing between you and your dream job could look one of two ways:

Option 1

You start your day already wired from a restless night of sleep and make a quick “Job interview today- wish me luck!” post on social media. The radio is turned off during the commute — instead, you’re totally tuned in to all the nervous self-talk in your head (“What if they ask about that gap in my resume? Are there going to be other people there waiting to interview for the same job? Awkward!”). Before leaving the car, you pause for a couple of deep breaths… but the momentary sense of calm is probably gone as soon as you’ve set foot into this new, unfamiliar building.

Once you’re finally called in for the interview, you smile through the nerves, but are only half present — busily analyzing everything you say and noticing small details in the room while speaking. Maybe at some point you’re caught off-guard by an unexpected question and stumble over your words while searching for an answer. Or you totally forget to mention how you spearheaded an incredible project that tripled sales at your last company.

Your nerves disappear as you leave, but you also have no idea how that interview went! The feeling is markedly better than the potentially dangerous heart rate you had an hour ago, but you don’t necessarily feel any closer to your dream job or the new career you were looking forward to.

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Option 2

You wake up with all the confidence of an army general who not only just read “The Art of War”, but also saw the enemy’s entire battle plan. You know exactly how the day ahead of you is going to go — you’ve planned and prepared for this thoroughly. The email you got last night from Big Interview with a “Pre-Interview Checklist” and last-minute resources gave you an easy night’s sleep. Today, you take a huge stride towards reaching your full potential.

The confidence doesn’t come from just knowing exactly what questions the interviewers will ask, and the best ways to answer each — you’ve also discovered exactly what makes you a star candidate. You know the unique skills and traits you have that will get hiring managers dying to hire you. You feel like a million bucks.

The interview itself goes smoothly. After all, you’ve prepared, practiced, and refined these answers. You even put yourself through much more stressful situations and difficult questions while practicing. At this point, it all feels easy.

You head home with full confidence that the interview went incredibly well and you did everything within your power to prepare and show off your strengths. You are operating at the top of your game.

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The Top 3 Challenges You’ll Face in an Interview

There are 3 main challenges that you’ll face walking into any interview — whether you’re a college student vying for that great internship or a C-level executive being considered by a Fortune 500 company.

If you can focus your preparation to solve just these three challenges, you’ll be unstoppable in any interview. Here’s how to do it:

  • Know Exactly What Questions To Expect
  • Besides being the most common source of pre-interview anxiety, not knowing what questions to expect can leave you stuttering or stuck in key moments of the interview.

    You can find our free guide to the top 10 most common interview questions on our blog, but you’ll also need to know about questions specific to your experience level, your industry, your job role, and key “competencies” like teamwork and leadership. (There are thousands of these inside Big Interview, complete with insider insights and expert-crafted sample answers).

  • Craft Great Responses That WOW Interviewers
  • Take your unique background and experience to craft interview answers that WOW with this proven 4-step framework. No more reciting stock answers from the internet or “stretching the truth” — use the answer builder to shine as a candidate and tell stories that clearly communicate key competencies to hiring managers.

  • Overcome Your Nerves And Deliver Naturally
  • Sure, you don’t want to be a nervous wreck, but you also don’t want to be a robot! If you don’t practice your answers, you’ll never feel completely satisfied with the interview.

    Careful and thorough practice is the name of the game if you want to fix your body language and catch all those pesky “uh”s and “ummm”s.

    Big Interview will help you practice for any nuanced situation you might face —prepping you for everything from confrontational hiring managers to unpredictable questions (-or even inappropriate ones to sidestep!) You won’t get our years of research and testing by asking a friend (or a mirror) to be your practice buddy.

A Full Training Course + A Powerful Practice Tool

When preparing for a job interview, it’s not enough to just read advice — you need to put that advice into practice! That’s why Big Interview isn’t just a training course.

Our interview practice software connects with your webcam and lets you practice with our library of thousands of mock interviews tailored to your specific job, industry, and experience level. Never miss a question again!

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Are you ready to tackle your job interview the way top achievers do?

Just How Good is Big Interview at Training You to Win?

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RickMorgan Stanley

“I just wanted to let you know I got the job! Thank you so much for all the help you provided and how you helped me be confident in my interview. Once again, thank you for everything. You helped so much!”


“I was interviewed by Amazon 3 times and I prepared for the interviews with Big Interview. I must say you have done a great job, you taught me a simple yet a solid framework! I NEVER email companies like this, but this time I forced myself to email you as I got the job at Amazon with an amazing offer.”

A Sneak-Peek at Exactly What’s Inside Our Elite-Level Training

Full Lesson Curriculum

Get Interview Training Direct From The Expert

Ten modules full of video and written training from Pamela Skillings From learning Job Interview Fundamentals, to learning how to close the interview and Ask Smart Questions, our full video curriculum leads you through every step of the interviewing process. Here you’ll learn how to confidently answer even the toughest questions and learn up-to-date strategies you won’t find anywhere else.

Big Interview Videos
Practice Area Image

Mock Interview Practice Tool

The Most Important Step of Interview Prep

Industry-specific, difficulty adjusted, and always available. Get a well-rounded view of the type of questions to expect during your interview and practice answering them all. Whether they’re behavioral/competency-based questions or questions specific to your industry (100+ industries in our database!), we’ve got you covered. Practice makes perfect!

Answer Builder

The 4-step Framework for Crafting Perfect Answers

Forget rambling on and on or losing your train of thought.

You need to carefully think about the best way to answer each question, pick stories that make your skills and achievements shine, and give the interviewer everything they’re looking for.

That’s right: stories. The “Answer Builder” tool inside Big Interview will help you mine the depths of your memory to find the right stories to tell, and then walk you step-by-step through scripting these stories into a proven format that captivates interviewers.

Big Interview Videos
AI Feedback Image

Ai Feedback

Know Specifically How to Improve With Our Immediate AI Feedback and 1-on-1 Coaching

Our cutting edge AI feature offers you immediate feedback and suggestions on how to improve. This tool tracks and analyzes your use of “filler” words, rate of speech, eye contact, vocabulary, and more.

If you want to take your training a little deeper, book a 1-on-1 session with Pamela Skillings, an interview expert who designs every coaching session to your unique situation.

Inside Pamela’s Expert Training…

Fast Track

Series of short 5-10 minute lessons designed to get you really good really fast

Module 1
Interview Fundamentals
  • Introduction
  • Best Practices
  • Types of Interviews
  • Types of Interviewers
  • Answering Inappropriate Questions
  • What to Wear
  • Mastering Nonverbal Communication
  • Analyzing Job Descriptions
Module 2
Acing Common Interview Questions
  • Tell Me About Yourself
  • Why Do You Want To Work Here?
  • Behavioral Questions
  • Talking About Strengths
  • Talking About Weaknesses
  • Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?
Module 3
Closing the Deal
  • Salary Questions
  • Questions to Ask

Mastery Track

In-depth lessons to cover all aspects of even the toughest interviews

Module 1
Interview Basics
  • Making the most of Big Interview
  • Interview Best Practices
  • Types of Interviews
  • Types of Interviewers
  • Analyzing the Job Description
  • Answering Inappropriate Questions
  • What to Wear
  • Overcoming Nerves - Part 1
  • Overcoming Nerves - Part 2
  • Nonverbal Communications Basics
  • How to Sell Yourself - Part 1
  • How to Sell Yourself - Part 2
Module 2
Acing Common Interview Questions
  • Tell Me About Yourself - Part 1
  • Tell Me About Yourself - Part 2
  • Why Do You Want to Work Here?
  • Why Are You Looking Now?
  • Your Job Accomplishments
  • What Are Your Strengths?
  • What Are Your Weaknesses?
  • Career Goals - Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?
  • Answering Salary Questions
  • What is Your 30/60/90 Day Plan? - Part 1
  • What is Your 30/60/90 Day Plan? - Part 2
  • When You Don’t Know the Answer
  • Questions to Ask
Module 3
Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Behavioral Basics
  • Teamwork Questions - Part 1
  • Teamwork Questions - Part 2
  • Leadership Questions - Part 1
  • Leadership Questions - Part 2
  • Management Skills
  • Conflict Questions
  • Problem Solving Questions - Part 1
  • Problem Solving Questions - Part 2
  • Work Ethic Questions
  • Failure Questions - Part 1
  • Failure Questions - Part 2
Module 4
Playbooks for Common Challenges
  • Overview of Playbooks - Start Here
  • New Graduate Playbook
  • Military Transition Playbook - Part 1
  • Military Transition Playbook - Part 2
  • Senior Level / Executive Presence Playbook
  • Career Change Playbook
  • ESL - English as Second Language Playbook - Part 1
  • ESL - English as Second Language Playbook - Part 2
  • Resume/CV Gap Playbook
  • Internal Interview Playbook
  • Introvert / Too Modest Playbook - Part 1
  • Introvert / Too Modest Playbook - Part 2
  • Overqualified Playbook - Part 1
  • Overqualified Playbook - Part 2

In these lessons you’ll learn

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How to avoid common pitfalls with interview answers and use every response to position yourself as a top candidate

Psychology Icon

Learn the psychology and nuances behind interview questions that most candidates miss — these are what get hiring managers excited to give you the job offer

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Negotiation techniques to take your top performance beyond the interview to get the salary you deserve

Cutting Edge Interview Training at a Fraction of the Cost

Instant Access to the Full 10+ Module Video Curriculum, Powerful Interview Practice Tool and Question/Answer Library, the Answer Builder, and More – Is Just $49 for 30 Days of Access

Private coaching clients pay Pamela Skillings thousands of dollars for her interview training.

With Big Interview, you get access to all the same lessons, insider insights, and practice tools for a fraction of the cost. You’ll see the incredible return on investment as soon as your next interview.

Make an important investment in your career and future when you start using Big Interview today.

Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our training 100%. If you aren’t thrilled with the improvement in your interviewing, just email us and we’ll immediately refund the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?
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We know Big Interview works, because we’ve tested and refined our platform with hundreds of thousands of job seekers before you. Their feedback speaks for itself! (There are even more testimonials to check out if you read on.)

In addition to developing Big Interview, Pamela Skillings spent 12 years working in executive level jobs in marketing and human resources for Fortune 500 companies (including Morgan Stanley, MasterCard International, and Citigroup) before launching her coaching and consulting practice in 2005.

Our coaching company also works with corporate and government clients to develop training, retention, communications, and recruiting programs. Clients include Citigroup, American Express, Ernst & Young, the American Management Association, and the City of New York.

Pamela’s work with corporations keeps her up to date on hiring trends and the employer perspective, which helps inform her coaching work with job seekers.

In addition, Pamela serves as an adjunct professor at New York University, teaching courses in their graduate and continuing education programs for HR executives and career coaches.

Her formal training in career counseling and coaching is through New York University and the Professional Association for Resume Writers and Career Coaches.

I don’t think I have time to use Big Interview before my next interview. How long does it take?
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Don’t worry if last-minute anxiety is what brought you to this page, you’re in good company. We’ve even developed special features and training in Big Interview for when you’re down to the wire. Our “Fast Track” curriculum will give you all the essentials you need for an interview in less than two hours. Popping open the Interview Practice tool can give you some much-needed preparation in just half an hour (with plenty of insights and sample answers along the way).

It’s not easy to even get to the point where you’re interviewing. Don’t let a good opportunity go to waste. Isn’t it worth investing a few hours in your future?

I’m not sure I’m ready to start using Big Interview yet. Shouldn’t I wait until I have an interview on the calendar first?
Plus Icon

You’ll be able to make full use of Big Interview immediately, whether you have an interview on the calendar or not. Not only do we have training modules on resumes, cover letters, and landing interviews that could help, but you definitely won’t want to miss the lessons on initial phone interviews.

If you want to seriously dig in for a competitive interview or just become a true interview wiz, the “Mastery Track” curriculum has over 6 hours of video content for you to learn from — plus the wealth of questions and mock interviews inside the Interview Practice tool means you can start preparing as early as you want and never run out of new areas to explore!

Why is access to Big Interview sold on a monthly basis?
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Because most of our customers are the proactive type, they usually use Big Interview for 2-3 months while taking on a new job hunt/career change. BUT we want candidates who need last-minute preparation to have affordable access to our training as well — so we’re able to offer one month of access as a cheaper alternative. There’s no minimum commitment, and canceling is as easy as pushing a button or sending a quick email.

Get Instant Access to Big Interview For Just $49

Start your one-month access pass to Big Interview today and start preparing for your future. Use the Lesson Curriculums, the Interview Practice Tool, the Answer Builder- and watch your upcoming interviews transform into exciting opportunities you can confidently seize, instead of anxiety attacks.

If you don’t see the improvement? Take advantage of our full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re so confident in our training that we’ve taken away all the risk.

Become Our Next Success Story When You Land Your Dream Job

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“Interviews make me really nervous, so I was seriously anxious about even practicing interview questions. But after using Big Interview, it wasn’t as scary a process. Overall I was really well prepared- I was even asked the exact questions I’d practiced!”


“At first, I wasn’t sure Big Interview would be worth my time, but once I got started boy did my feelings change. Being able to spend time practicing answers and understanding how to improve my skills made me much more confident.”

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t ready to make an investment in furthering your career, in opening up new opportunities, in building towards the life you truly want— that’s fine. We have plenty of incredible free material on our blog for you to read.

But if you’re ready to join the ranks of the top achievers and career superstars that are seizing control and using interviews for their success, instead of crossing their fingers and just hoping for something to work out…

Click the button and join Big Interview today. These are skills that you’ll use for the rest of your career.

In less than 60 seconds, you’ll be taking your first step on the path to your next job (and next salary!)

And remember, the entire course is backed by a 100% iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

Try the entire course at my risk. I’m confident you’ll see extraordinary results.

P.S. – DON’T walk into another interview without at least trying Big Interview and seeing how the training inside changes your approach. You can always make use of the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

See you on the inside!