Do You Have Trouble Selling Yourself in Job Interviews?

Many introverted people have trouble showing how amazing they really are in job interviews. We’re here to help you overcome your discomfort and get you into the job you deserve where all of your talent, skills, and hard work will be seen and appreciated

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Overcome Common Introvert Challenges

There’s a lot of advice out there, but none of it is designed with introverts in mind. That’s what makes Big Interview such a powerful tool. Our curriculum allows you to custom tailor your learning experience by industry, difficulty level, learning style, interview question type, and more. You’re in complete control in a low-pressure environment that allows you to practice at your own pace.

We Will Help You Overcome Challenges You Will Face as an Introvert, Including:

  • Promoting your strengths with self-assurance
  • Speaking smoothly and clearly in an interview setting
  • Demonstrating your leadership abilities and potential
  • Projecting confidence with your body language
  • Illustrating the unique skills you will bring to the job

Don’t Make Interviewing Any Harder Than it Has to Be

Pamela Skillings is a job interviewing expert and has done all of the hard work for you. This curriculum was designed for introverted candidates to help navigate the specific expectations in the job interview that are harder for introverted people. Don’t just hope you’ll find the right information somewhere on the web. Allow us to curate the learning experience for you, providing you with only the information that is relevant to you in a format you can actually use in a real-life situation to get real-life results.


Our Tools and Curriculum

We offer unique practice tools that will help you apply what you've learned to the wide variety of interview situations you will face.

The Answer Builder

It’s easy to think you’ll know what to say when the time comes, but we’ve seen very talented and qualified candidates blow it on interview day by not preparing well, especially when they are more introverted and have trouble selling themselves. We’ll take you step-by-step through our formula for building job-winning answers to the most common and challenging interview questions.

Big Interview answer builder
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Mock Interview Practice Tool

When it comes to building confidence, there is no substitute for good practice. Our mock interview practice tool allows you to choose from hundreds of question sets that prep you for everything from confrontational hiring managers to unpredictable questions. Enjoy limitless chances to record your responses in a low-pressure learning environment, and make all of your mistakes in practice so you can knock it out of the park on the big day.

AI Feedback

Our cutting-edge AI feature analyzes your answers and offers invaluable feedback on how to improve, including use of “umms”, filler words, eye contact, rate of speech, and vocabulary. More and more companies are using AI to screen candidates for video interviews. You’ll be head and shoulders above the crowd by training for these interviews using the same technology.

Big Interview AI Feedback

See Exactly What You’ll Learn

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Introvert Playbook

This Playbook was written specifically for introverts in job interviews and discusses what sets you apart, the strengths you have as an introverted job candidate, and how to shine the spotlight on those strengths in your interview. You’ll also learn how to practice with your specific challenges in mind and be given advice on how to overcome them so that you can enter your interview with complete confidence and mastery.

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Mastering Non-Verbal Communications

Nonverbal communication says a lot about you before you answer a single question. Eye contact, body language, the quality and tone of your voice, and how you move all work together to form an immediate impression. Make sure it’s the impression you want to be making by mastering nonverbal communications before interview day.

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Behavioral Questions About Conflict

Most introverts avoid conflict like the plague, making behavioral questions about conflict particularly uncomfortable. The truth is, the workplace brings many different types of people together. Learn how to answer questions about conflict in a way that will prove to the hiring manager that you can get along with others and work well in a team setting.

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Behavioral Questions About Leadership

Introverts make excellent leaders due to their amazing listening skills, thoughtfulness, and ability to communicate. Selling these qualities to management, however, can be tougher for you. Answer leadership questions with confidence by learning how to tell your workplace stories in a way that exemplify your leadership skills and potential.

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What Are Your Weaknesses?

Questions about weaknesses are an opportunity to address things you may have some trouble with as an introvert (speaking up, pushing back, addressing conflict) in a way that demonstrates how you’ve improved in these areas while also not raising any red flags. We’ll teach you how to achieve that balance when answering this tricky question.

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Overcoming Nerves

It’s natural to get nervous before a job interview. Someone is about to scrutinize your appearance, mannerisms, what you say, and how you say it. This can feel particularly nightmarish for an introvert. But don’t fear! We’ll teach you some proven techniques for getting your interview nerves under control and excelling under pressure.

Ready to Win the Job? Let’s Do It!

Big Interview will guide you through the process of becoming really good, really fast. Guaranteed.