How to Create a Really Good Resume (Advanced Tutorial)

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Creating Really Good Resumes

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A good resume is hard to come by. It requires a lot of thought and effort, and for many candidates… some professional help.

The art of the good resume has evolved and changed over the last 10 years. Different styles of writing and formatting have come and gone, but here are some tips that will help put you on the winning path. Even a resume that’s really good can’t guarantee you a job, but it can get you in the door.

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Creating The Really Good Resume

Here are a few tutorials to help to grease your way into an interview:

12 Secret Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out

If you want to get your resume to the top of the pile, this is a good starting point.

The Art of Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement

Catching the reader’s attention isn’t easy. Here are tips to grab them right from the start.

Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

Advice to make sure your resume isn’t tossed out or shredded.

How to Build the “Well-optimized” Resume

This infographic looks at the anatomy of a good resume and offers tips on how to make sure that your resume turns the right heads.

8 Design Ideas to Make Your Resume Pop

Some tips on tweaking your resume to set you apart from the crowd.

The Ultimate Infographic Resume Guide

The magic of infographics can even make your resume more engaging, which is just what you need to get noticed in a competitive job market.

7 Resume Tips for Career Changers

There’s a good chance you might be switching career paths. Here are tips on highlighting your best relevant qualities.

What to Do When You Have Gaps in Your Resume

Some employers may view resume gaps with suspicion. Here some advice for addressing this issue.

The New Grad’s Map to Resume Writing

Ok, so you’re out of college and its time for the real world. Maybe internships have prepared you for your first job out of school. But now it’s your job now to get the hiring managers to notice you in a sea of new grads.

If You’re Considering Hiring a Professional Resume Writer
If you decide to hire a professional to make your resume better, here are some decent resources to look into: – Tips for Choose a Resume Writing Service
Overview on what to look for in a good professional resume writer.

WSJ – Finding a Master Resume Writer
Tips on how to avoid getting ripped-off.

National Resume Writers’ Association – Find a Writer Database
Useful database to help you track down a good resume writer near you. Obviously, try to be as thorough as possible when vetting someone (including speaking with the and review 4-5 different samples of their work.

Resume Samples from Around the Web:

Fake Amazon Page is Best Online Resume Ever
Some interesting and creative takes on resumes. – Resume Samples
Huge list of resume samples to review for inspiration.

About the Author: Pamela Skillings is one of the nation’s top interview coaches. She is the co-founder of Big Interview and President of Skillful Communications.


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