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What is Big Interview?

Big Interview gives you both “FAST TRACK” and “MASTERY TRACK” systems of lessons and virtual interview practice – to get you ready… fast. Big Interview also teaches you how to get inside the head of any interviewer and prove that you’re the candidate they’re looking for.


Find out exactly what interviewers are looking for and learn how to anticipate and properly answer the toughest questions.


Once your answers are planned and refined, use our Practice tool to make your delivery confident and natural.


Use our built-in feedback tools to get objective analysis on your progress from mentors, professors, coaches, or friends.

We go way beyond the “interview advice” offered elsewhere and provide you with the tools and feedback you need to become really good, really fast – and land the job.

“Hi, I’m Pamela Skillings, the creator of Big Interview and a top job interview coach.”

I have helped thousands of clients — from all industries and at all experience levels — learn to ace their interviews and land jobs at companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Intel.

I also work with corporate clients to teach hiring managers how to interview candidates. So I know both sides of the interview table VERY well.

Over the years, I've discovered the best way to prepare for a job interview — it not only works, but it's infallible if you do it right. It's a method backed up by years of academic research on the dynamics of the job interview

Would you fight Mike Tyson without training with a coach?

Not likely. So why would you walk into a job interview without the proper preparation? Research studies show that training, practice, and feedback are the winning combination when it comes to acing job interviews.
Anticipate tough interview questions, develop and master compelling answers
Develop winning examples to impress in behavioral interviews and effortlessly convey confidence and likability
Identify, fix your mistakes, and learn how to prepare yourself for your next interview
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What People Say About Us

Big Interview really helped me practice interviewing skills. I loved that it’s very user-friendly. They had a lot of resources and sample videos that gave me insight. Love the Answer Builder, it helped me write out answers to behavioural based questions. It truly helps you feel more confident for an interview.

Julie P.
Human Resources

After using Big Interview, I now feel much more confident about handling real interviews. I really liked the recording & playback functionality, which allowed me to hear my voice and analyze the strength and confidence of my answer. I also really liked the industry specific interviews (where I practiced with IT and software development questions). Big Interview really helped me improve my interview skills, how could I not recommend it to others?

George F.
IT Management

Shortly after being introduced to Big Interview, I got called for an interview that was scheduled in two days. I immediately set up my user account and tried my hand at the practice interviews. I started with the “10 most common interview questions” and later practiced the interview modules for prospective Supervisors. It was fantastic. I came to my interview confident and prepared to answer all the questions the Hiring Manager asked of me. I had a great interview. Perhaps the best I’ve done ever. BIG interview made a BIG difference!

A. B.
Government Relations
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