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It’s tough to stand out and land the position in today’s job market. Hundreds of thousands of resumes are sent out by hopeful candidates every month, and employers rely more than ever on interviews to help them find their next hire.

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No more last minute nerves, sweaty palms, or panicked dreams the night before. Big Interview will get you feeling confident, prepared, and ready to give a solid interview. We promise you'll walk out of your next interview feeling great.

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Created by one of the top interview coaches in the US, Big Interview gives you cutting edge information about interview best practices. You’ll walk in knowing exactly what to expect, and how to answer questions.

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Give impressive answers that will wow employers and make you the top choice for the job. Big Interview walks you through crafting winning answers in just 4 easy steps, then helps you practice them to perfection.

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David S.

Work at your own pace

Interview tomorrow? No problem!

Don’t guess on what to practice. Follow our organized tracks of lesson curriculum and interview practice. The FAST TRACK will quickly cover essential tips and most common questions, or the MASTERY TRACK allows you to dive in deep for more competitive/difficult interviews.

Full Lesson Curriculum

Get Interview Training Direct From The Expert

Ten modules full of video and written training from Pamela Skillings From learning Job Interview Fundamentals in Module 1, to learning how to close the interview and Ask Smart Questions in Module 10, our full video curriculum leads you through every step of the interviewing process. Here you'll learn how to confidently answer even the toughest questions, and learn up-to-date strategies you won't find anywhere else.

Practice Interviews

The Most Important Step of Interview Prep

Industry-specific, difficulty adjusted, and always available. Get a well-rounded view of the type of questions to expect during your interview, and practice answering them all. Whether they’re behavioral/competency-based questions, or questions specific to your industry (100+ industries covered!), we’ve got you covered. Practice makes perfect!

Inside Pamela's expert training...

Fast Track

Series of short 5-10 minute lessons designed to get you really good really fast

  • MODULE 0

    Overview Video

  • MODULE 1

    Job Interview Best Practices

  • MODULE 2

    Types of Interviews

  • MODULE 3

    Types of Interviewers

  • MODULE 4

    Answering Inappropriate Questions

  • MODULE 5

    What to Wear

  • MODULE 6

    Mastering Nonverbal Communication

  • MODULE 7

    Analyzing Job Descriptions

  • MODULE 8

    Tell Me About Yourself

  • MODULE 9

    Why Do You Want To Work Here

  • MODULE 10

    Behavioral Questions

  • MODULE 11

    Talking About Strengths

  • MODULE 12

    Talking About Weaknesses

  • MODULE 13

    Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

  • MODULE 14

    Salary Questions

  • MODULE 15

    Questions to Ask

Mastery Track

In-depth lessons to cover all aspects of even the toughest interviews

  • MODULE 1

    Job Interview Fundamentals

    • Job Interviews 101

    • Different kinds of interviews and preparing for them

    • Getting inside the interviewer's head

  • MODULE 2

    Interview Best Practices and Common Mistakes

    • Understanding the big picture

    • Common mistakes and how to avoid them

    • Dealing with inappropriate or illegal questions

  • MODULE 3

    Mastering Nonverbal Communications

    • Giving good eye contact

    • Communicating with body language

    • Find your voice and building confidence

  • MODULE 4

    Analyzing the Job Description

    • 5-step analysis process

    • Identifying your selling points

    • Anticipating questions

  • MODULE 5

    "Tell Me About Yourself"

    • What to do and not to do

    • 3-step approach to crafting a strong answer

    • Putting it all together

  • MODULE 6

    "Why Do You Want To Work Here?"

    • Why interviewers ask this question

    • 2 key components to a great answer

    • Crafting your answer

  • MODULE 7

    Behavioral Questions and Your Interview Stories

    • Why interviewers ask behavioral questions

    • The power of storytelling

    • STAR Approach and choosing stories

  • MODULE 8

    Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    • Choosing strong  strengths

    • The magic ingredient to your weakness answer

    • Picking your best answers

  • MODULE 9

    "Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?"

    • Why you're asked about career goals

    • How to Answer

    • How NOT to answer and pitfalls

  • MODULE 10

    Ask Smart Questions

    • Preparing great questions

    • Avoiding bad questions

    • 5 smart questions that will make you look amazing

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